SAT Score Calculator

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test used in theĀ united states for college admissions. The score range and its name changed at any time. And the SAT was created by the Educational board in the USA. In SAT Score there are three things your writing, your Reading score, and your Math score. Reading highest score is 52, Writing highest score is 44, and Math's highest score is 58. And there are multiple Practice Tests that also range from 1-10. Now how to calculate sat score Formula : (Writing Score + Reading Score) + Math Scale Score = Total All SAT Score. In ACT Score Calculator there are four ACT Practice Test from 2016 to 2022. And there are four important things in ACT Score your English Score, your Reading Score, Your Math Score, And Your Science Score. And your result will be English score, Math Score, Reading Score, And Science Score. English's Highest score is 75, Math's highest score is 60, Reading's highest score is 40, and Science's highest score is 40. In Old SAT Calculator there are 3 things scores writing scores having the highest score of 800, Reading highest score of 800, and math the highest score of 800 also, and your result will be in old sat score. Also, there is the percentage of your result. In sat to act converstion there is conversion between new sat to act and convert act to sat conversion. While in old sat to new sat converstion you have to enter old math score, old reading score and old writing score. In India, there is a CGPA calculator and sgpa to percentage calculator to calculate their grading in schools and colleges. In Molarity calculator there is calculation of molarity finding mass, finding volume and finding concentration to calculate. In concentration calculator calculation is same too. while in moles calculator there is also calculation of mass, volume, concentration and mass.